Technical Update
Kochia Control in Sugar Beets


  • ALS resistant kochia has increased dramatically in recent years.
    • ALS resistance is spread by kochia pollen.
    • Tumbling of mature plants spreads seeds
    • Tillage and harvest equipment spread seeds and plants.
    • Kochia plants produce an average of 14,600 seeds/plant.
  • Assume all kochia is ALS resistant or will become resistant with repeated exposure to ALS inhibitor herbicides.
  • Need an alternative MOA to control ALS resistant kochia (see below).

Potential Management Practices

  • Thorough preplant tillage will control early emerging kochia and provide a uniform kochia stage at the first postemergence application.
  • Use pre-emergence burndown herbicides for control of early emerging kochia.
  • If practical plant known kochia problem fields last to allow more complete emergence, thus, allowing control by tillage or burndown herbicides.
  • Norton soil applied were applicable provides excellent kochia control.
  • Correct early identification of weeds is critical.
  • Apply the correct post herbicide solution according to the weeds identified.
  • It is strongly suggested to use conventional rates of Progress (TM) to control .25 dia kochia.
    • Spray in late afternoon after temperatures decline.
    • Adjust rates according to environmental conditions.
    • Adjust rates according to sugar beet stage.
    • Included Upbeet (TM) for improved control of redroot pigweed.
  • Micro-Rates will not control ALS resistant kochia.
  • If using Micro-Rates and kochia is present, then Progress Micro-Rates should be utilized.  However, Progress Micro-Rates will not provide adequate control of ALS resistant kochia.
  • Kochia is a cool season weed, return to Micro-Rate applications when it stops emerging.
  • Hand labor may not be needed to remove escaped kochia plants.
  • Control kochia in other crops with herbicides that are not ALS inhibitors, ie., Bronate (TM) or Starane (TM) in cereals or Liberty (TM) in LibertyLink (TM) Corn.

A Partial List of ALS Herbicides and the Corresponding Crop

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Last Updated:  April 20, 2001